Carbs (fructose & grains) to blame

Beginning to get the seriousness here.

This from Dr. Mercola ...

Fructose and Weight Gain

Taubes has also delved deep into the science of fructose,and his new book,Why We Get Fat: and What to Do About it, explains why a low-carb diet is the path to optimal health. His excellent New York Times article,Is Sugar Toxic? also shed much needed light on this issue. At the heart of the low-carb theory is this: You don't get fat simply because you overeat—you overeat because your fat tissue is accumulating excess fat. But why would your fat tissue continuously accumulate fat if you're not simply "eating too much and exercising too little"? Because:

1. Dietary carbohydrates,especially fructose,are the primary source of a substance called glycerol-3-phosphate (g-3-p), which causes fat to become fixed in fat tissue,and

2. At the same time,high carb intake raises your insulin levels, which prevents fat from being released The resulting equation is simple: fructose and dietary carbohydrates (grains,which break down into sugar) lead to obesity and related health issues.


Great cereal: Uncle Sam Wheatberry & Flaxseed

This is a new find! I got this goodie from Jorge Cruise - he's a fitness trainer and author of The Belly Fat Cure. He suggested to sprinkle a little Stevia on it, eat it with almond milk and it tastes like frosted flakes!!!
I tried it and I like it - my dear husband doesn't agree it tastes like frosted flakes, but says its okay. My girls like it too.

Cal: 190
Fat: 5g
Carb: 38g
Fiber: 10g (2 gsoluble, 8g insoluble)
Sugar: less than 1g

You can visit their website and register to receive coupons to print too!


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Sweet Leaf Stevia

This is the best Stevia sweetener ... when Stevia first became available, I purchased some, but it had an awful chemical aftertaste. So I gave up on the stuff.

Then years later, I read on a blog somewhere that Sweet Leaf didn't have the bad aftertaste so I tried it! It is very good - just a clean sweet taste.

Does everyone know about Stevia? I guess I shouldn't assume that everyone does ... It is an all natural sweetener that comes from a plant. There are 0 calories and 0 carbohydrates.

I read recently that Stevia balances blood sugar levels, reduces cravings and contains antioxidants. Clearly, you can feel good about using it!

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